Land auctions start in Goodhue County as farm real estate becomes more affordable.

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Real Estate and Property

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You’re in luck if you’re searching to buy land in Goodhue County! Since the county just began holding land auctions, farmland is now far more inexpensive than it was previously. The auctions are a fantastic method to get farm land for a tiny fraction of what it would normally cost on the open market.

Benefits of Goodhue County Land Auctions

The cost-effectiveness of land auctions in Goodhue County is one of its main advantages. According to a recent survey, Goodhue County’s average farmland sale price is about $8000 per acre. However, a recent property auction saw prices drop as low as $2,600, providing prospective purchasers with a sizable discount.

In addition to being reasonably priced, Goodhue County property auctions give potential buyers a selection of different homes. With a variety of land lots available, purchasers may pick the one that most closely matches their requirements. Additionally, purchasers have the opportunity to place a bid on the property they want most during auctions, boosting their chances of securing the greatest offer.

How to Buy Real Estate in Goodhue County at Land Auctions

You must fulfill the prerequisites before you may buy property from Goodhue County land auctions. In general, you must be a landowner or a resident in Goodhue County or an adjacent county. After you have completed the prerequisites, register for a land auction.

You are prepared to place a bid on the property after you have registered and paid for it. You and any other prospective purchasers will place bids on the land at the auction. The person who placed the highest offer will be declared the winner and given the deed to the property. It is crucial to keep in mind that you are in charge of paying all expenses related to the acquisition, including transfer and deed registration fees.

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There is a reputable farm real estate company in Goodhue County, called LandProz Real Estate, LLC. Since its founding in 2016, LandProz has aided local house and farm buyers for more than 7 years. The knowledgeable group offers knowledge of the agricultural real estate industry and may give advisory services in addition to helping with the purchase or sale of property. Now is a terrific time to locate your ideal piece of farm real estate because there are land auctions taking place nearby. To start your search, get in touch with LandProz Real Estate’s professionals right now.